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Holly Nelson

Octopus Entrepreneur Awardwinners 2022

We’ve recently scooped a national award which celebrates businesses making a positive impact in their local community. And you (and the other 79,999 app users!) are our community, and it’s thanks to YOU we won this award. Because every time you scan your shopping on your phone, you can reduce your impact on the planet. We also use that data to push brands to improve the sustainability of… Read More »Octopus Entrepreneur Awardwinners 2022

Halloween eco meal for around a pound

Pumpkin, garlic & tomato soup With Hallowe’en just around the corner, here is a super simple way to make sure that all the goodness of your pumpkin doesn’t go to waste. All you need to do is whip up this tasty pumpkin soup! Where possible try to buy organic veg or veg that will go to waste – most supermarkets sell a wonky veg options.

Consumer Attitudes to sustainability

Sustainability survey – what you (UK shoppers) told us

Our community of more than 80,000 Impact Score Champions are passionate about sustainability. But because sustainability means different things to different types of people, it’s difficult for brands and retailers to create campaigns that hit the mark. This report details insights from our latest sustainability survey – it clarifies what is important to you, UK shoppers, right now. Read about what aspects of sustinability matter… Read More »Sustainability survey – what you (UK shoppers) told us

Impact Score ® Unlocks UK’s Largest Sustainability Database, to Help Brands Drive Product Desirability

Brands and retailers are set to be given unprecedented insight into the sustainability appeal of theirproducts, thanks to a new data platform developed by the team behind the Impact Score ® app.An independent platform, Clara™ rates the sustainability credentials of 280,000 UK supermarketproducts. With shoppers’ goals at its centre, Clara™ tracks how products are developing against the14 sustainability criteria that shoppers prioritise, and is now… Read More »Impact Score ® Unlocks UK’s Largest Sustainability Database, to Help Brands Drive Product Desirability

Impact Score Explained – at the ‘Go Green Salford’ Sustainability Festival

Co-Founder Josh and comms expert Holly chat with Marta from the ‘Go Green Salford’ team. A compelling 20 minute watch which quickly covers off:– what the app does– how and why we rate 14 different sustainability criteria– why we’re taking action ourselves (and not waiting for the Government)– and finally how YOU, whoever you are, can get involved and take action with us! Contact us… Read More »Impact Score Explained – at the ‘Go Green Salford’ Sustainability Festival

Evie investigates on an Impact Score Shopping Expedition

Family case study: Supplies Surprise

An eye-opening trip to the supermarket with Impact Score How much do we really think about the items we pop into our shopping baskets? Could a little knowledge help to change our buying habits? And do we all care about the same things when it comes to what we purchase? Certainly, we can access more information about consumables than ever before, and recent innovations have… Read More »Family case study: Supplies Surprise

Does knowing the impact of food purchases help consumers live more sustainably?

In the UK, the average person has a carbon footprint of 12.7 tonnes CO2e per year, and 23% of this comes from their food purchases*. That’s more than their household and vehicle fuel emissions combined! This means the biggest difference we can all make is focussing on our food purchases. In Jan 2021, Norwegian online retailer ODA started providing their customers with the carbon footprint… Read More »Does knowing the impact of food purchases help consumers live more sustainably?

Readers of The Guardian directed to Giki Badges

Environmental journalist Emma Beddington’s article ‘Sustainable gin and family-sized crisps! My week eating a climatarian diet’ directs The Guardian readers to our Giki Badges app which helps people shop more sustainably in the supermarkets. She uses our app, scanning products in the supermarket, and says “It’s very satisfying – an easy answer on what’s “good” or “bad” is exactly what a lot of us want”… Read More »Readers of The Guardian directed to Giki Badges

The Grocer article

We’re Featured in The Grocer ‘Meet The New Apps Swaying Consumer Food Choices’

Our consumer apps feature in this week’s The Grocer heralded as a “credible” solution to supporting sustainable consumer shopping choices: Happy reading! And if you want to find out more about our consumer product ratings offer for retailers, visit our Retail Page.