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Free Food Planners 2023 – 2024

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Changing our approach to food
One of the biggest changes we can make as individuals is changing what we eat. We think the easiest way to do this (after using our app to scan your products) is to buy produce that has been grown locally, which means it is ‘in-season’.

Here are your free food planners
They list all the in-season fruit, veg and herbs being grown in the UK at any particular month. There’s also a space to scribble your shopping list that month – so print it our and slap it on your fridge!

Follow this practice and you’ll see how much easier it is to plan your shopping trips, and how much you save planning what you’ll eat!

Seasonal Calendar Impact Score March 2024
May food planner impact score 2023
August Impact Score food planner 2023
Free food planner for September

If you find these food planners useful (and you download them) we’ll share these with you every month. So please download and use them!

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