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Pumpkins and other fresh October veg

October food planner

As the nights close in don’t you find yourself craving warmer, earthier, filling food? Well, we say lean into it. Yummy root veg, earthy greens bought sustainably from your local farmer.

Check out our recipe for ‘Pumpkin, garlic & tomato soup’ – why not reduce waste and make a batch of soup with carving leftovers (and post-Halloween pumpkins)? It’ll feed each person for around £1, saving you money. Remember to roast those pumpkin seeds you’d normally throw away too.

And for the main event, we’ve designed a SPOOKY food planner, which lists the seasonal fruit and veg available this October. People are slapping it on their fridges all across the UK! So give it a go and see how much easier it is to plan your food shop this month…

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