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Which fresh and local groceries to buy in September

You should give a jot because changing your household’s food purchases is the single biggest positive impact you can have on the planet. Why? Because 23% of our carbon emissions comes from the food we eat. And you don’t have to make massive changes. Just swapping a few groceries for locally grown alternatives has an impact. And we’ve made it even simpler. Here is a… Read More »Which fresh and local groceries to buy in September

Food Planners 2023 from Impact Score

Free Food Planners 2023

Sometimes the climate crisis and state of the natural world feels overwhelming. But it’s important we take a breath and do what we can individually, as well as lobbying the people at the top. Changing our approach to foodOne of the biggest changes we can make as individuals is changing what we eat. We think the easiest way to do this (after using our app… Read More »Free Food Planners 2023

Halfway through the year – food planner for July

Wow, can you believe we’re already halfway through 2023? Time flies! We’re curious, what’s the most significant change you’ve made this year? And what’s the one thing that has made the biggest difference in reducing your impact on the planet? We’re going all out with our personal sustainability efforts this month. The entire Impact Score team has pledged to exclusively purchase locally sourced, seasonal fruits… Read More »Halfway through the year – food planner for July

Wonky veg! Your in-season food planner for June

We love wonky veg! And we hope you’re enjoying this beautiful weather as much as our local farmers will be. Hotter weather brings with it veggie anomalies, and the National Farmers Union wants supermarkets to accept more ‘wonky’ produce from growers. So we say, let’s buy in-season produce direct from growers. Here is your next seasonal food planner for June, beautifully designed by Kasia, to help you do just that!… Read More »Wonky veg! Your in-season food planner for June

SUSTAINABLE SHOPPERS – excerpt from ‘The Trends Shaping Shopping’

Source: The Trends Shaping Shopping This research was carried out by Opinium on behalf of American Express in July 2022, surveying a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK adults. Respondents were asked a series of attitudinal and behavioural statements that related to the four different shopping profiles. They were allocated to a group if they selected over 50% of the qualifying statements for one (or… Read More »SUSTAINABLE SHOPPERS – excerpt from ‘The Trends Shaping Shopping’

Halloween eco meal for around a pound

Pumpkin, garlic & tomato soup With Hallowe’en just around the corner, here is a super simple way to make sure that all the goodness of your pumpkin doesn’t go to waste. All you need to do is whip up this tasty pumpkin soup! Where possible try to buy organic veg or veg that will go to waste – most supermarkets sell a wonky veg options.

Consumer Attitudes to sustainability

Sustainability survey – what you (UK shoppers) told us

Our community of more than 80,000 Impact Score Champions are passionate about sustainability. But because sustainability means different things to different types of people, it’s difficult for brands and retailers to create campaigns that hit the mark. This report details insights from our latest sustainability survey – it clarifies what is important to you, UK shoppers, right now. Read about what aspects of sustinability matter… Read More »Sustainability survey – what you (UK shoppers) told us