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Our house is on fire – food planner for August

Greta said it first at the World Economic Forum in 2019. And look at us now. Devastating fires and record breaking temperatures remind us how fragile our world is. BBC reports today say in 40 years’ time these record temperatures will be the norm.

It is overwhelming. But it’s important we take a breath and do what we can individually, as well as lobbying the people at the top.

Changing our approach to food

We know one of the biggest changes we can make as individuals is choosing what we eat. It starts with buying produce that’s been grown locally which means it is ‘in-season’.

Cutting to the chase – here is your food planner for August. It lists all the in-season fruit, veg and herbs being grown in the UK at the moment. There’s a space for your shopping list scribbles. Use this and you’ll see how much easier it is to plan your shopping trips this month.

August Impact Score food planner 2023

If you find this shopping list useful (and you download it) we will continue to create and share these with you every month. So please download and use it!

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