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Evie investigates on an Impact Score Shopping Expedition

Family case study: Supplies Surprise

An eye-opening trip to the supermarket with Impact Score How much do we really think about the items we pop into our shopping baskets? Could a little knowledge help to change our buying habits? And do we all care about the same things when it comes to what we purchase? Certainly, we can access more information about consumables than ever before, and recent innovations have… Read More »Family case study: Supplies Surprise

Readers of The Guardian directed to Giki Badges

Environmental journalist Emma Beddington’s article ‘Sustainable gin and family-sized crisps! My week eating a climatarian diet’ directs The Guardian readers to our Giki Badges app which helps people shop more sustainably in the supermarkets. She uses our app, scanning products in the supermarket, and says “It’s very satisfying – an easy answer on what’s “good” or “bad” is exactly what a lot of us want”… Read More »Readers of The Guardian directed to Giki Badges

Tax Avoidance | Impact Score

Tax Avoidance. (How companies not paying tax affects you)

Rarely does a week go by when the media isn’t talking about tax avoidance and how some large corporation is swerving it. The same big names seem to get repeated, but they aren’t the only ones. All sorts of companies are now recruiting finance ‘experts’ with the purpose of engaging in tax avoidance schemes. But what is tax avoidance and why does it matter? What is tax… Read More »Tax Avoidance. (How companies not paying tax affects you)

Ethical Consumerism – ignorance is no defence.

The topic of ethical consumerism has never been more relevant. Fairtrade, organic, energy efficient, recycled and plastic free – we all make simple choices around these.  But being individuals, our values and passions are different.  What you or I find abhorrent or unethical can be absolutely acceptable to our friend or neighbour.  Then how do we go about making change, when every view is different… Read More »Ethical Consumerism – ignorance is no defence.