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Why Care?

Evie investigates on an Impact Score Shopping Expedition

Family case study: Supplies Surprise

An eye-opening trip to the supermarket with Impact Score How much do we really think about the items we pop into our shopping baskets? Could a little knowledge help to change our buying habits? And do we all care about the same things when it comes to what we purchase? Certainly, we can access more information about consumables than ever before, and recent innovations have… Read More »Family case study: Supplies Surprise

Why companies should pay the correct amount of UK tax

In our survey of December 2019, companies ‘should pay the correct amount of tax’ came out as the highest priority for consumers, with 9 in 10 people saying they care either a lot or a fair amount.  But why is this such a priority? UK companies have little flexibility in the taxes they pay, and while thousands of businesses continuously pay their fair share, it… Read More »Why companies should pay the correct amount of UK tax