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Free scanner apps to help you understand the impact your purchases have on people and the planet

App 1. Impact Score® Shopping

A ‘scan and search’ app to help you find sustainable and healthy products in UK supermarkets.

23% of our carbon footprint comes from the products we buy from supermarkets. Making small adjustments to our buying decisions makes a big difference!

Different types of sustainability are important to each of us too. That’s why we measure products across 14 different categories, including sustainability, animal welfare, health, nutrition and workers’ rights.

We want to make it easy for everyone play a part in protecting people and the planet now and for future generations.

Hand holding phone with app open

It’s so easy…

Just scan the barcode, see which badges the product is awarded, and consider the suggested ‘more sustainable’ alternatives for new ideas. We can all make a difference, one purchase at a time.

Download the Impact Score® Shopping app from your app store to get informed and help make a difference, one shopping trip at a time.

Find products that are healthier and more ethical

As well as the usual categories like carbon footprint and recyclable packaging, we award badges for high animal welfare, healthiness, and don’t award products with chemicals and additives.

Over 280,000 supermarket products

Our mission is to help you buy better products from ethical companies. And influence these companies to behave better and make products with even less impact on people and the planet.

We provide accessible, independent, transparent information to help you live more sustainably.

We work with more than 30 expert organisations, like WWF, the NHS, Fairtrade, and Breast Cancer UK, to ensure our ratings are fair and accurate (oh, and they are being validated by The University of Chester just to be sure).

While some companies care about their impact on people and the planet, others really don’t.

The Impact Score® Company app shows you how a business behaves towards people (like employees and suppliers) and the planet (like carbon emissions). And compare them with similar companies.

Paying UK Tax

Carbon Emissions

Gender Pay Gap

Real Living Wage

Fat Cat Pay Gap

Payment Practices

We work with expert organisations ensure our ratings are fair and accurate (oh, and they are being validated by The University of Chester just to be sure).