Be credible and connect

While every business insists how ethical and sustainable it is, the European Commission has reported half these claims lack evidence.

It’s no longer enough to say you are reacting to consumers’ changing behaviours and reducing your negative impacts on the world. It’s more than compliance. Right now it’s about positive impact.

Demonstrating you are driving forwards positive change by integrating these initiatives into your core business, and having a transparent dialogue about these sustainable behaviours. 

So how do you differentiate yourself from the noise, stand-out from the crowd with real credibility?  How do you become more emotionally connected with your consumers?

Partner with Impact Score®

1. Connect with consumers
Using our first party data, you’ll gain meaningful insights into your consumers’ values and spending goals at an individual level. And supported by technology to deliver personalised messages, your consumers will trust that they’re spending money with the right company, on the right products.

64 % of our YouGov survey* participants say they trust an independent third party (like Impact Score®) to publish unbiased performance data, far more than the company itself

2. Create Value
– Attract more consumers and guide them towards more ethical, sustainable and nutritional products from brands that also meet these consumers’ individual needs

– Measure and demonstrate ESG investments with an Impact Score®

With almost 100,000 downloads 83% of users said the app has helped them to choose an alternative product based on its Impact Score®

3. Lead Change
Be part of a growing ecosystem that leads change and creates long-term value for shareholders, employees, suppliers, consumers and the wider society. Influence your ESG decisions and improve your sustainability credentials in areas consumers care about.

Responsibility is now 300% more important than a decade ago in driving corporate reputation

(Kantar BrandZ 2020)

*YouGov ethical consumer survey, Dec 2019