Our Team

Who are we?

We are a group of like-minded data experts, ex-CEOs, academics, and people who just care about stuff, based in Chester in the UK.

Hacked off by the disregard some businesses have towards society and the environment, our mission is to bring about positive, sustainable and social change.  And we do this across a whole range of issues, from businesses’ environmental impact to how they treat their staff and suppliers.

We bring transparency to how businesses and their products meet your values and ethics. So you can make better spending choices. North-West based group of like-minded data experts, ex-CEOs and academics, and partnered with the University of Chester.

Born out of a frustration with the way some businesses have no regard for society or the environment, our mission is to make businesses more accountable and bring about positive sustainable and social change.
We devote our time, resource and expertise to this project for free.

Josh Simpson


Ian Yates


Holly Nelson


Elle Yates


Cathy Henderson

Content Researcher

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Jack Simpson

Data Scientist